Tax/Estate Planning

Planning for income, estate and gift taxes is an integral part of your financial plan. Whether you are just looking for additional tax minimization strategies or understanding the tax effect of a past or proposed transaction, we can help you work through the details and the related law. We can also help you with your compliance needs by preparing returns for your corporation, partnership, estate, trust or your family. Our electronic filing capabilities ensure that you receive tax refunds in the shortest times possible. Our planning and expertise ensures that you pay the legal minimum for your tax situation, and keep more of your money invested rather than giving an interest free loan to the government.

Key Benefits

•    Minimize Taxes Paid Through Sound Tax Planning Strategies
•    Full Compliance with Tax Laws
•    Streamlined Cash Flow
•    Reduced Administrative and Paperwork Hassles
•    Minimize Surprises


Your financial plan takes into account all taxes that our clients encounter. Our expertise enables us to handle all of the tax planning and compliance needs of you and your business. A coordinated approach allows us to streamline your cash flow and handle all of you filing needs. We utilize the latest tax compliance and planning software to ensure that returns are filed electronically, thereby ensuring timely refunds and eliminating late filing penalties. If the need arises, we can represent you before the IRS and handle all aspects of your tax review. We can also help you if you need advice on how to best structure a major purchase or sale of property.

Whether income, estate, gift, trust or corporate taxes are involved, we can help you develop a plan that takes into account your entire financial plan and situation and ensure that year end tax planning takes advantage of the latest tax law changes.
We handle all of your tax filing needs including all tax returns (e.g. income, estate, gift, trust, payroll, state, local), estimates and amended returns. Your corporate and partnership filing needs are coordinated with your individual needs to ensure seamless service. We can also respond to notices from revenue agencies on your behalf.
Revenue Agent Reviews (Audits)
In the unlikely event that your return is selected for review, we can help you prepare for an audit and represent you fully before the IRS or other revenue agencies. You can choose to be fully involved in the review or never meet or speak with a revenue agent; the choice is yours.
Transaction (Deal) Reviews
If you're contemplating the purchase or sale of a business or a major property acquisition (e.g. buy or lease a car, a new home or real estate purchase), we can help you by advising you on how to best structure the transaction to minimize the tax consequences. We can best help you if we are involved up front, prior to signing the necessary documents