At this point, you have decided to become a client and we begin the transition process to what we hope will be a lifelong trusted relationship. 

This includes getting your personal demographic data, information on your existing accounts, and getting account applications and a contract signed.  For investment management clients, all accounts (except current employee benefit accounts and non-transferable accounts) are transferred to our custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional.

We usually meet at least two or three times in the first year so we can assess your current financial situation, enumerate your goals, and get your financial plan rolling.  Based on your life goals, dreams, risk tolerance and many other personal factors, we determine the appropriate asset allocation for your portfolio.

As your unbiased, trusted financial coordinater, you are free to call us at any time whenever you have a question that affects your financial situation (i.e., mortgage, major purchase, taxes, trusts, charity, investments, etc.)  Don't worry, the clock isn't ticking when you talk to us (unless you choose to hire us on an hourly basis.)